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Intro To AI Trading Strategies


  • Do you look for a way to streamline your trading strategy?
  • Do you feel you missed out on certain opportunities?
  • Or do you desire a more efficient approach to crypto trading?


You have come to the right place!



Our Mission


Our mission is to help investors reach financial freedom via AI-powered trading bots.

Our journey started in 2021 when we were tired of the hassles of manual chart reading and data crunching for trades.


After two years of development, our AI system is now able to identify actionable signals, define the best trading strategy, and then push this information to our AI trading bots that automate & execute the trade on your behalf.




trade strategy is key for success in financial markets



What Trading Strategy Works Best?


Choosing the right trading strategy is crucial. Here are five simple steps to help you get started:



Step 1 – Define & Set Aside The Amount of USDT Want To Invest


Determine the specific amount of USDT you are comfortable investing, considering your financial goals and risk tolerance. How much you allocate to AI trading bots depends on each investor’s personal trading strategy. Of your total crypto portfolio, many investors opt for 25-30%.




Step 2 – Create An Account On TradeLand & Connect Your Exchange


Head over to TradeLand and create a new account. Once you verified your email, connect your exchange (e.g. on Binance, click here or find it under / Settings / Account / API Management).

We recommend starting with a clean account with approx. 10,000 USDT. Holding other coins in the account is not a problem, as you can tell TradeLand to only trade with e.g. your USDT.



Step 3 – Choose Your Desired Trading Strategy


Now that your account is set up and exchange connected, it’s time to create your first AI Trading Bot.


Click on Bots: On the left menu, click on Bots. On the top, click on “Create AI Bot”.


Name your Bot: Give your bot a name, e.g. “date-BTC”.


Choose Bot Pair Type: Single or multi-pair. If you want your AI Bot to only trade one specific pair, e.g. BTC/USDT, then choose “single”. If you are bullish on multiple pairs, choose “multi-pair” and the AI will make the decision when to enter which pair.


Asset Selection: Choose the specific cryptocurrency pair(s) your bot will trade.


Max Investment Selection: Define the maximum amount that your bot is allowed to invest in total. This is an important risk management measure.


AI Deal Starter Selection: Choose your preferred deal starter. Our system follows a specific set of conditions, guided by artificial intelligence, that will trigger your bot to start a deal. These conditions might be based on a variety of market indicators.


Strategy Selection: After setting up the deal starter, choose the trading strategy your bot will follow. TradeLand may offer different types of strategies for your bot, such as long strategy, short strategy, or other AI-based algorithms. Select the one that aligns with your trading goals.


Activate the Bot: Once you’ve set up your bot according to your preferences, you can activate it. Do this by clicking the trading bots’s ‘toggle button’ on the Bots page. From this point, your bot will start to enter deals once the AI signals it’s the right time to enter a trade. Follow each bot’s actual deals on the Deals page.





Step 4 – Frequently Check Your Trading Strategy


We recommend giving your AI trading bots a couple of weeks to learn and get experience with your chosen trading strategy.


Our goal is to have a win rate of approx. 70%, meaning that seven out of ten trades are profitable.


It’s normal for any trading strategy to have a certain percentage of losing trades. Give it some time and frequently check results.




Step 5 – Set Up Bots With Different Trading Strategies


One best practice is to have at least three trading bots with different strategies to see which one performs best.


For example, you could set up one bot following the Automatic AI settings, and one with Manual settings, see below.


AI Trading Strategy Manual Settings


If you for example like to hold a specific coin for a long time, you can set the “target profit” to 50%, meaning the bot will sell your coin only once it is 50% in profit.





In conclusion, utilizing trading bots offers you a powerful solution to address critical pain points in your crypto journey.


By automating your trading strategy, you can capitalize on more opportunities and can navigate the markets with more precision.


Most notably, the integration of trading bots takes emotions out of the equation, fostering a disciplined and objective approach to achieving your financial goals.



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