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TradeLand’s Co-Founder & CEO, Gökhan Koc, was invited to speak at this year’s Radical Finance startup battle event in Hong Kong.

Each startup had five minutes to present the company, followed by a short Q&A session.


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What Are AI Trading Bots?


We recently described what AI trading bots are and how they work, which you can check out here.



AI Trading Automation – Explained.


Put simply, after signing up with TradeLand, you connect your existing exchange via API, set up some first AI trading bots, and your AI trading automation can start.

Your bots will now enter and exit trades entirely on their own – while your coins always remain in your account at your exchange of choice.



About Radical Finance

Radical Finance Event Hong Kong
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Radical Finance in Hong Kong is a high-caliber, invitation-only gathering that brought together industry professionals for impactful discussions on the potential of Web3 technology to solve real-world business challenges.


As a technology-driven company like TradeLand, it was highly relevant for us to be there, as it provided an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, gain insights from experts in the field, and showcase our aI trading automation solution.


Being a part of this event allowed us to solidify our position in the startup community and further establish our CEO and co-founder as thought leader in the AI trading bot space.





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